HT Coin Project

The HT Coin is a collaborative product between Alpha Protocol and TSTC, aiming to create a convenient and interesting payment solution for customers.

The HT Coin is not only a means of payment, but also serves as a reward coin every time a customer makes a purchase on TSTC's application. This promotes usage and increases value for the entire Global Angel ecosystem.

HT coin can overcome the inherent disadvantages of blockchain

Layer 1 Native

Developed on the Layer 1 Native Platform Protocol to the HT coin blockchain, increasing the scalability.

Zero-Knowledge Proof

Use ZKP technology to protect user privacy, Build a solid foundation to develop the ecosystem.

Decentralized Platform

This is an independent decentralized platform, which has signed a partnership with the global angel on NDA.

Peer-to-peer MKP

Provides a platform to build P2P Marketplace and e-commerce app (B2B & B2C Meeting segment).

$HT - $0.12

After launch, HT coin will cost 0.12$ and will be liquidated on the cryptocurrency exchange immediately.


PHASE 1: Q1 - Q2 2023
Market Research & Strategy
  • Detailed market research
  • Develop an outreach and marketing strategy
PHASE 1: Q1 - Q2 2023
Team Development
  • Strengthen the Blockchain development team
  • Recruiting top experts & experienced marketing experts
PHASE 1: Q1 - Q2 2023
Basic Design
  • Basic development of HT Coin
  • Build infrastructure and key features
PHASE 1: Q1 - Q2 2023
Association and Cooperation
  • Expand the list of partners
  • Start negotiations with Alpha Protocol
PHASE 2: Q3 - Q4 2023
TSTC Application Development
  • Integrate HT Coin into TSTC's e-commerce
  • User testing to gather feedback
PHASE 2: Q3 - Q4 2023
Tesnet Network Testing
  • Deploy a testnet
  • Test the stability & performance of HT Coin & Blockchain
PHASE 2: Q3 - Q4 2023
Prepare for ICO
  • Develop an ICO strategy and build a detailed capital raising plan
  • Start a marketing campaign to generate attention and investment
PHASE 2: Q3 - Q4 2023
Marketing Proromotions
  • Start a marketing campaign to get the word out about the HT Coin and attract attention from the community
PHASE 3: Q1 - Q2 2023
  • Open ICO to provide investment opportunities
  • Strongly promote
PHASE 3: Q1 - Q2 2023
Official Deployment
  • Officially deploy the HT Coin on the Blockchain network
PHASE 3: Q1 - Q2 2023
Connect to the Trading Platform
  • Listing the HT Coin on the Alpha Protocol
  • Supporting $HT liquidity with $ALP
PHASE 3: Q1 - Q2 2023
Expanding Ecosystem
  • Integrate HT Coin into other ecosystems
PHASE 4: Q3 2024 +
Futher Development
  • Develop the features & capabilities of HT Coin
PHASE 4: Q3 2024 +
New Cooperation
  • Seek new cooperation opportunities and links
PHASE 4: Q3 2024 +
Expanded Application
  • Expand the features of the TSTC & other applications
  • Optimize the use of HT Coin
PHASE 4: Q3 2024 +
Promotion Program
  • Organize promotions and rewards to encourage users to use HT Coin

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Unique Participants


Raised Capital


Initial Market Cap

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  • Private Sale


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Vision and Mission
of HT Coin

Number 1

We are proud that we are number 1 in product manufacturing.

Being a pioneer

Being a pioneer in having a community ecosystem and then developing electronic stocks such as HT

Layer 1 blockchain

Operating on layer 1 blockchain application decentralized operating system dedicated to private Dapps called SnarkOS

Why Do You Need to Own $HT?

Community ecosystem: 20%
Aidrop: 8%
Node G: 20%
Based on the profits
HT is the capitalization line of the enterprise.

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HT Project - Story of Alpha Protocol